Furious 7

A thrilling and emotional film..

So I went to see Furious 7.  I have loved the whole franchise from start to finish. This film however, is by far the best.  They could not have made a better film under the saddest of circumstances – Paul Walker’s death.  The producers are said to have used Cody Walker, Paul’s brother as a body double to complete the film.  You could not tell that it was his brother, so it did not impact the movie even slightly.  I will not give away any details but be prepared for a very emotional ending.  If you have loved the franchise so far, the ending will break your heart and you cannot hold back the tears!  Moving away from the sad scenes, the movie it is such a thriller and there are so many other scenes that have you on the edge of your seat!  I would totally recommend anyone to go and see this film…utterly brilliant.


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