Pale skinned girl problems…

Everyone wishes for that flawless looking olive skin without a blemish.

Unfortunately, for us pale girls this is never going to happen.  So, I have listed all of the issues that a pale skinned girl has to deal with so you olive skinned blemish free girls can appreciate how lucky you are!

Trying to find a reasonably priced foundation that matches your skin is a life long quest – every single one that I have tried is either too orange or too pink.

If you have a slight blemish on your skin, you can see it miles away because of the crazy contrast in colours.

You burn pretty much instantly in the sun.

The amount of 50+ factor you have to apply on holiday is ridiculous.

Going to the sun beds is just a no, no (this I guess is a good consequence of having pale skin!)

The freckles, oh the freckles…when I am out in the sun for about an hour my face just turns into one large mass of freckles.  Yeah, a few are cute, but when you have about 100 freckles on your face, its definitely not cute.

Wearing white clothing tends to make you skin look even worse…if that is possible.

When you have a cold and feel like crap, people always say ‘omg you look so pale’ and your thinking, I am always this pale…you have just got an excuse to comment on it.

When you see photos of yourself on a night out, you always look like a ghost awkwardly floating among your gorgeously tanned friends.

For you to actually tan, you’d probably have to move to Dubai for the rest of your life.

On holiday, you always have that glimmer of hope thinking you might actually get a slight tan, but you don’t.

On that note, something that always happens to me on holiday is the holiday reps at the hotel coming up to me saying “oh is this your first day? – I can go through the activities on at the hotel” and I reply “no thanks, its actually my last day”, then they’re like “ohhh but you’re soo white!”

Every pale person goes through a period of applying a tonne of fake tan.  Yes, everyone looks better with a tan, but a real tan, NOT fake tan.  The smell, the dyed bedsheets, the feel of it on your skin and the patchy bits are only some of the horrors of fake tan.  You eventually learn though that it doesn’t help!




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