The Black Isle 

The Black Isle consists of a number of little villages and towns in the Scottish highlands.  My Grandma who also stays with my Aunty, Uncle & Cousin lives in Rosemarkie situated in the Black Isle which is the cutest little village! It has a beautiful beach, great scenery, glens and plenty to do for tourists keen for a bit of Scottish heritage.

Rosemarkie Town Centre (a bit rainy)


Me and the boyfriend went a walk up the Fairy Glen to stretch our lazy legs.  The waterfalls are amazing and everyone who comes to rosemarkie should go and see them!

Fairy Glen Waterfalls




We also took a walk along the beach but it was absolutely freezing so I suggest that anyone who visits the highlands – should always bring plenty of clothes and wrap up warm, as always in Scotland.   It also has some awesome rock pools for children where you can find plenty of sea creatures.  It has a cute wee cafe that’s handy if your hungry too!

The Black Isle Beach






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