Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) Review

Review. Review. Review.

So, this film is good – I wouldn’t say it was the most exciting of films but I guess it’s meant to be sad although, a heroic film.  I think if you know the biblical story of ‘Moses’ which I kinda do (from my time at Sunday School a long time ago) then you know what’s going to happen.  However, I must say the acting is brilliant – Christian Bale rarely conveys a poor performance.  The film is definitely worth a watch – its feels very meaningful when you watch it and it conveys the story of ‘Moses’ well enough to get the underlying meaning across to the viewer – basically saving the slaves from cruelty + poverty and how no man should live or work in these conditions. However, may I also add that i am not 100% clued up on the story.  I have seen many negative reviews stating that the film doesn’t convey the ‘real’ story very well, but from what I know it covered the fundamentals and the basics.  Also, its meant to provide entertainment so some reviewers should lighten up and not  take it too seriously!  Also, make sure you have a spare 2-3 hours as it is a long film but still it keeps you entertained throughout.




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