Review of Angel Perfume By Thierry Mugler

Angel Perfume

 I use this perfume on a daily basis.  The main reason being that it smells good on me and all you need is a few sprays due to how strong it is so it lasts all day long.  Now those who are shy to using too much perfume, this scent may be a bit strong for you.

I must say that it is known to be a love/hate fragrance, however I am definitely in love love love with Angel.  Its just a classic smell that is so distinct and recognisable.  I think it smells fresh with the vanilla base notes.  Its very rich and its basically a gourmand fragrance (created with food – not flowers!).  I have heard people refer to the perfume as legendary which is a statement in itself.

Also, it is one always in the most beautiful bottles which I think is ideal for gifts!  Its available in the majority of perfume shops.  The price obviously depends on the ‘ml’ but from around 15ml your looking at more than £25 unless its a deal.  Although, you definitely should take into account that you only need a few sprays so it lasts a long time!





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