Avengers: Age of Ulton

Brilliant, Exciting  and Fun Action Movie!

The sequel of the avengers assemble is absolutely brilliant and a perfect follow up.  I always think Marvel movies are always insanely good and the avengers: age of ultron is no exception.  They’re feel good movies – like every single one.  I guess if you don’t like fantasy action movies then stay away but if you do, marvel is the best of its kind!  This film has romance, action, drama and thriller all thrown in to an exceptional fast paced movie.

It has a ‘save the world’ plot which is exactly what I expected and wanted from this film.  The acting is brilliant.  There are a good amount of characters in the film but the balance is great.  Each of them have there own background story and the film actually manages to develop each of them.  The scenes and effects are also spot on!

If you are expecting a really deep, compelling and complicated movie then no, you will not get that from any of the Marvel movies so if you want that then you will be disappointed.

However, overall a great fun movie which I recommend anyone to watch.




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