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So, I thought I would write about my travels to Punta Cana, The Domincan Republic.  Let me first say that this was an amazing holiday and the weather was absolutely fantastic.   So we stayed at an all inclusive resort with Thomson holidays  for two weeks at the end of May, so Summer Season was just starting.  So what did we do in the Dominican Republic?  Well…


The Adventure Boogies

The Adventure Boogies in Bavaro were one of the funniest things I have ever done.  So its basically a buggy ride that you can either drive yourself or with your partner and you follow the leader through dirt tracks in the countryside.  You get to see the surrounding wildlife and residents, whilst also being covered head to toe in mud.  I am not sure if it was just because it rained a bit that the mud was being chucked up at you from the buggy in front but nevertheless you had bandanas covering your face and eye wear so it was still fun!  You also get taken to a fresh water cave pool which was so cool, a local persons house and you get to see them making coffee, cacao and Mama Juana (the local, but lethal drink!).




Fresh Water Cave Pool

The Reef Explorer

The Reef Explorer was definitely my favourite activity that we done on holiday.  Basically it was a floating island which kept sharks, stingrays, massage rooms and sports equipment.  Yes I really did say sharks.  Well they were nurse sharks but they were still large sharks and you could “hug” and “kiss” the stingrays if you wanted (but we weren’t so supportive of that).    I remember the guide also saying “No touchy, touchy of the sharks” – haha! It gave you the indication that although they were fine swimming with humans, they weren’t so keen on you touching or interfering with them.  We never got the chance to get a massage with all the other things going on but it was included in your day out.  The sports activities were amazing – we did paddle boarding and kayaking.  Also, you were able to snorkel around the island which was amazing because the water was so so clear and you could see the tropical sea life around you.  It is a definite must if you visit the Dominican Republic! I loved it!

1472791_10205780606728616_1660564180985854027_n 10151359_10205780588688165_8308558778797015297_n 1382101_10205780586888120_7977227602492294533_n 11412116_10205847671145155_6810324691647452532_n 11430259_10205847665705019_6555079289117941883_n  11180315_10205780775052824_120200516300227710_n

Carribean Crusing – Saona Island and The Starfish Lagoon

Saona Island is a small island located just off of the Dominican Republic.  It has the clearest of Caribbean waters I have ever seen.  You take a speedy boat out towards the island, whilst also stopping off for snorkelling and a stop at a star fish lagoon which is the most amazing place I have ever seen by far.  Just starfish everywhere, yes everywhere – in the most clearest of shallow waters that went on for like a mile. It was amazing!  Then after that you made it to the island, had some food, swam in the Carribean and then took a 2 hour catamaran boat ride back to the Dominican which was also great because they had a local dancer on board teaching us the Dominican dances and plenty of alcohol to keep you refreshed!


Saona Island


10372789_10205847648144580_2851397439650745034_n 11392937_10205847644864498_6755637919241009679_n

Catamaran Ride


Star Fish Lagoon

Yes all the photos are amazing, the trips were so fun and I would definitely do them all over again!

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