Jurassic World (2015) Review – Spoilers

An absolute MUST SEE!

I am assuming that the whole world has already went to see this movie but I just wanted to say for those that haven’t seen it yet, its an absolute cracker of a movie.  If your like me and loved the original Jurrasic Park movies then this one is even better – I think mostly because its keeps in line with modern day life – like the park is much more in keeping with today’s environment and modern technologies for example, the wonderful iPhone!

SPOILER —- So the plot is very similar to the first one where they have an awesome park where tourists come to visit the dinosaurs which have been created in a lab.  But because of modern times and that everyone now wants everything 20 times better they decide to create a new and better Dinosaur with so many different animal genes that its invincible, gets out and kills anything that gets in its way. —- SPOILER

The storyline was really great and engaging – throughout the movie you can’t keep your eyes off of the screen – not even to go for a pee!  The acting was also brilliant even amongst the young actors.  I love love loved Chris Pratt – he was excellent in the movie and all of the characters throughout are really likable.   The movie also still touches on the original movies, incorporating them in to the story line which was nice.  The movie was everything I wanted it to be – not a deep depressing drama but an upbeat engaging WOW film.  Its so dreamy – you wish that you could have got the chance to go to Jurassic World in real life – even if they tend to get out and eat you!

To sum it up it was a fun, summer, full of action and exciting movie.

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