Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 🎡








So last night, I went a stroll along Aberdeen beach in ‘sort of sunny’ Scotland.  It was actually bearable weather for bare legs and a short sleeved top for a change.  This rarely happens, even in the Summer.  Also, additional clothing is always necessary to bring in your handbag wherever you go in Scotland – you never know when its next going to rain!  I’ve seen nicer beaches in my life time but I do appreciate being able to come down to the beach whenever you fancy unlike those who are more in land.  We also have a small amusement park down at Aberdeen beach (mainly for children) which has things like bowling, mini golf and plenty of restaurants!  I sound like I am trying to promote Aberdeen here … I better stop … 


 My outfit tonight included a denim skirt (asos) a white sheer panel top (asos) and black studded sandals (old from debenhams) similar here.  My handbag shown in previous pictures is from Dorothy Perkins and my sunglasses are from asos. 

Have a good weekend folks!



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