Addicted to Denim ♡





H&M Blue Shirt ~ ASOS Rust Denim Skirt

I just sat an ate the most ridiculous Pizza Hut feast in the world.   You know, I love it when you see one of pizza hut’s deals – if you spend £30 you get £10 off…so I realised that my total was £22 and I had to do the right thing and get another £8 worth of sides so I only had to pay £20.  So now, I cannot leave the sofa as my legs cannot deal with the additional stone I have put on eating all of it!

Anyway, this outfit is pretty simple but I think its cute!  I feel like a cowgirl, without the all important cowgirl hat.  I love pastel colours so this shirt is ideal.  All of you British people will know how non-existent our Summer has been this year so you can see my reluctance to accept that Autumn is here with my bare legs at like 7 Degrees Celsius!  If you do not own a rust denim skirt, then I recommend you go and get one as I’m thinking they will still be in the shops throughout Autumn and Winter this year – every shop has one!  May I also mention how ridiculous my posing is – I cringe every time I do a blog post!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday 🙂








6 thoughts on “Addicted to Denim ♡

  1. Haha you’re doing great! Trust me I feel the same. Every time I take a picture for a blog post I’m like “how do I stand?” Or “what do I do with my hands?!” We will get it down!


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