Fashion in the woods…





Dorothy Perkins Cold Shoulder Tunic ~  ASOS Ankle Boots

Today, me and my other half went a walk while the sunshine was out with the dog.  We have been dog sitting the whole weekend.  So, the best thing to do with a crazy excited dog is to take it an enormous walk so that its tired and basically collapses when it gets in the door – no more annoying dog!  While we were out, I couldn’t resist to get a few photos in my new cold shoulder tunic  It is the more comfortable outfit ever and it still looks fashionable, well I think it does anyway!  I have added the details of the outfit above.  I had my leather jacket with me as you can see but it was way to hot but if you fancy rockin’ your look up then wear a leather jacket on top ~~ Wallaaaa fashion!

Have a good week :)!




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