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Hello people!  So last night I was dying my eyebrows.  It saves me using an eyebrow pencil every day so I thought I that I could share it with all of you lovely people!  A few of my peers find it so strange that I dye my own eyebrows but it saves a £15 visit to the beauticians every few weeks.  You can see my eyebrows desperately need shaped just now – that is something I leave to the beautician!

Anyway, I use eylure for dying my eyebrows.  I have shown you before and after pictures – again excuse the fact that I need them shaped!  I waited until the next day to take the ‘after’ photo as I have been told that even though you wipe the dye off it can still turn a couple of shades darker by the next day.  I only leave my dye on for a few minutes because I have blonde hair and it would look ridiculous with super dark eyebrows.  I use the brown dye, but you can use the black if you have darker hair.

The application itself is pretty straight forward but once you have the dye I would recommend that you read the instructions a few times before applying it as I know some people can have bad reactions to dye and it can be bad if this happens in such a close proximity to your eye.   The instructions recommend a patch test etc.  so please please follow them.  You get a small kit in the box to use the product properly.  The dye really does work.  I apply it once a month to get the shade I like.   You can see the difference from my pictures!  I would highly recommend this product as it saves money and time! You can buy it in boots but you can also get it on amazon and other places alike!

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2 thoughts on “Eylure Dybrow Review

  1. interesting I always get my eyebrows done when i get them threaded but I might give this a try for the in between when I normally just pluck my eyebrows, I might try a DIY dye too.

    Thanks for the idea

    Love the blog 🙂

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