A day of stripes :)



DSC00226 (2)

Dorothy Perkins Shorts DSC00231

Stripe Top (old – similar) ~ Dorothy Perkins Shorts ~ New Look Sandals ~ Fiorelli Bag ~  ASOS Sunglases

I was feeling stripes today so I found an old a stripe top with some textured shorts and chunky sandals.

I was embracing the rare summers day that we had today!  Who knew our summer would actually start in September? Who am I kidding?  It will be a one off and then the rest of the year will be freezing just like our earlier “summer” days.  I think I need another holiday to get some sun.  Although I start fourth year next week which is terrifying so I will probably not get another holiday for a while!!  I can’t believe I will be actually finishing university in like 10 months!  Crazy how quickly the past few years have gone!

Anyway, I hope your Sunday has been warm and lazy 🙂

The details of my outfit are above!

Chow for now…





ASOS Love 1            ASOS Love 2            ASOS Love 3

ASOS Love 4        ASOS Love 5          ASOS Love 6

ASOS Love 7            ASOS Love 9              ASOS Love 10

I thought I would create a wee picture list of the dresses that I currently have in my ASOS wishlist at the moment.

Click on the photos for the links to the site for more details 🙂

I am absolutely in love with all of these dresses.  I have a hen-do and a wedding coming up as well so I am going to have to make a decision on which dresses to choose….which one is your favourite?



Simple but Nice :)





Alice and You Cami ~Black Trousers > Similar ~ Wedges ~ Sunglasses

So, this was my outfit the other day before I went out for a meal with the other half.  I love a cami with skinny trousers and the wedges gives some formality to the look.  It’s a simple outfit but I think it still looks fashionable and sophisticated.  Excuse my enormously chubby feet – I struggle to find any shoes or heels that fit haha but these wedges just about let me chubsters squeeze in.  Anyhow, I hope Friday arrives quickly for everyone..this week is dragging on and on!  Roll on the weekend…

See ya later 🙂



Fashion in the woods…





Dorothy Perkins Cold Shoulder Tunic ~  ASOS Ankle Boots

Today, me and my other half went a walk while the sunshine was out with the dog.  We have been dog sitting the whole weekend.  So, the best thing to do with a crazy excited dog is to take it an enormous walk so that its tired and basically collapses when it gets in the door – no more annoying dog!  While we were out, I couldn’t resist to get a few photos in my new cold shoulder tunic  It is the more comfortable outfit ever and it still looks fashionable, well I think it does anyway!  I have added the details of the outfit above.  I had my leather jacket with me as you can see but it was way to hot but if you fancy rockin’ your look up then wear a leather jacket on top ~~ Wallaaaa fashion!

Have a good week :)!



A perfect day for a pinafore dress 👗





ASOS Pinafore Dress ~  Newlook Gladitors

So, today’s look is fairly simple!  I am having a lazy Saturday so something that was easy to put together was what I had in mind!  I am still loving this Pinny dress though –  its beyond cute and very flattering.  I teamed it with black gladiator sandals – they are so comfy!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend – I am going to continue my lazy Saturday through to Sunday.





Addicted to Denim ♡





H&M Blue Shirt ~ ASOS Rust Denim Skirt

I just sat an ate the most ridiculous Pizza Hut feast in the world.   You know, I love it when you see one of pizza hut’s deals – if you spend £30 you get £10 off…so I realised that my total was £22 and I had to do the right thing and get another £8 worth of sides so I only had to pay £20.  So now, I cannot leave the sofa as my legs cannot deal with the additional stone I have put on eating all of it!

Anyway, this outfit is pretty simple but I think its cute!  I feel like a cowgirl, without the all important cowgirl hat.  I love pastel colours so this shirt is ideal.  All of you British people will know how non-existent our Summer has been this year so you can see my reluctance to accept that Autumn is here with my bare legs at like 7 Degrees Celsius!  If you do not own a rust denim skirt, then I recommend you go and get one as I’m thinking they will still be in the shops throughout Autumn and Winter this year – every shop has one!  May I also mention how ridiculous my posing is – I cringe every time I do a blog post!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday 🙂







My New Baby 👀


Denim Zip Through Dress With Collar

It should be ruled that everyone should own a denim dress like this!

It’s to die for! ASOS has certainly done well with this one.  I think I am in love….

It fits like a glove, but shapes you in all the right places.

By the way, the photo is flipped with it being in a mirror so don’t be fooled into thinking I am engaged – I’m not!

I am off to the cinema to see the lovely Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns.  So I better go and get ready…

Enjoy your weekend people! 🙂