The Good Lie (2014)

So, The Good Lie, right where do I start?

It’s not really what you expect as in the trailer it sells it as another Reese WItherspoon movie and yeah she definitely plays a big part in the movie but its definitely not all about her.  The movie starts with a story of three brothers and a sister (non blood related) refugees who win the refugee lottery to move to the U.S after a civil war breaks out in Sudan. The sister and brothers get split up, the three brothers getting send to one place, meeting Reese Witherspoon and the sister to live in another.  So really, the rest of the story follows the struggles of the three brothers being apart from their sister starting out a life in the U.S.

This movie is brilliant and the acting is so good.  It’s such a good watch!  Its so touching and inspiring!  It’s everything!

You kind of learn the necessity of having family, friends or a unit who support each other, rather than focusing on the material things in life.  An example, which is not really a spoiler is that the three brothers arrive in the U.S with a carrier bag of belongings and nothing else but themselves.  They eventually settle in to the modern world but they never lose hope that they will be together again with their sister.  The plot unfolds with more emotional battles to overcome.  But its not all sad!  Its actually a feel good movie, which was great for my lazy weekend sitting here feeling all good about myself understanding how lucky we are in life to have what we have.  I really want to tell you so much more about the movie, but I know I will spoil it for you!

I definitely recommend you to watch this movie and I hope my review has intrigued you into watching it!

Have a great week you lovely people!




The Water Diviner (2015) Film Review

So a brief plot of the film…It’ entails an Australian man’s quest to find his three sons who were lost in the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915.  His aim is to bring back his sons to bury them at home.  The film also entails a romance and a friendship amongst unlikely friends. 

I really have tried to not give too much away!

The film…is excellent.  The acting is excellent.  Everything is excellent!  Russell Crowe takes the role of director in this film and takes the lead acting role.  The film is inspired by true events and I think this makes it a relatable and interesting film which teaches you a brief history of the Gallipoli war.

The film set is beautifully portrayed.  Even for those who are not interested in old fashioned movies, this one is created so perfectly that you appreciate the resources that we have today to create a film set in 1915.  The story line as explained before, is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated but it is told so brilliantly.  Also, it’s not a long film which drags on and on.  It’s roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes so it keeps you captivated.

You will go through so many emotions watching this film – laughter, floods of tears, relief, fear, excitement, hope…again, I really do not want to give too much away but it is a brilliant film that everyone should take the time to watch!



Feel Good Films that I have watched countless times ♡

Just go with it (2011)


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)


The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug (2013)


Jurassic Park (1993)


Blended (2014)


About Time (2013)


The Holiday (2006)


Cinderella (2015)


Love Rosie (2014)


Brave (2012)


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)


Finding Nemo (2003)

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So today I thought I would give you my personal top 12 feel good films that I have watched over and over again.  Trust me, each and every one of these films are amazing!!  They’re all family films so anyone can watch them!  My ultimate number one is ‘Just Go With It’ starring Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler.  I think I have set the record for a human watching the same film over and over again!  So if your having a bad day or just need a pick me up, watch one or all of these films and they will make you feel 10 times better!

Get Watching People!

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Jurassic World (2015) Review – Spoilers

An absolute MUST SEE!

I am assuming that the whole world has already went to see this movie but I just wanted to say for those that haven’t seen it yet, its an absolute cracker of a movie.  If your like me and loved the original Jurrasic Park movies then this one is even better – I think mostly because its keeps in line with modern day life – like the park is much more in keeping with today’s environment and modern technologies for example, the wonderful iPhone!

SPOILER —- So the plot is very similar to the first one where they have an awesome park where tourists come to visit the dinosaurs which have been created in a lab.  But because of modern times and that everyone now wants everything 20 times better they decide to create a new and better Dinosaur with so many different animal genes that its invincible, gets out and kills anything that gets in its way. —- SPOILER

The storyline was really great and engaging – throughout the movie you can’t keep your eyes off of the screen – not even to go for a pee!  The acting was also brilliant even amongst the young actors.  I love love loved Chris Pratt – he was excellent in the movie and all of the characters throughout are really likable.   The movie also still touches on the original movies, incorporating them in to the story line which was nice.  The movie was everything I wanted it to be – not a deep depressing drama but an upbeat engaging WOW film.  Its so dreamy – you wish that you could have got the chance to go to Jurassic World in real life – even if they tend to get out and eat you!

To sum it up it was a fun, summer, full of action and exciting movie.

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Avengers: Age of Ulton

Brilliant, Exciting  and Fun Action Movie!

The sequel of the avengers assemble is absolutely brilliant and a perfect follow up.  I always think Marvel movies are always insanely good and the avengers: age of ultron is no exception.  They’re feel good movies – like every single one.  I guess if you don’t like fantasy action movies then stay away but if you do, marvel is the best of its kind!  This film has romance, action, drama and thriller all thrown in to an exceptional fast paced movie.

It has a ‘save the world’ plot which is exactly what I expected and wanted from this film.  The acting is brilliant.  There are a good amount of characters in the film but the balance is great.  Each of them have there own background story and the film actually manages to develop each of them.  The scenes and effects are also spot on!

If you are expecting a really deep, compelling and complicated movie then no, you will not get that from any of the Marvel movies so if you want that then you will be disappointed.

However, overall a great fun movie which I recommend anyone to watch.



Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) Review

Review. Review. Review.

So, this film is good – I wouldn’t say it was the most exciting of films but I guess it’s meant to be sad although, a heroic film.  I think if you know the biblical story of ‘Moses’ which I kinda do (from my time at Sunday School a long time ago) then you know what’s going to happen.  However, I must say the acting is brilliant – Christian Bale rarely conveys a poor performance.  The film is definitely worth a watch – its feels very meaningful when you watch it and it conveys the story of ‘Moses’ well enough to get the underlying meaning across to the viewer – basically saving the slaves from cruelty + poverty and how no man should live or work in these conditions. However, may I also add that i am not 100% clued up on the story.  I have seen many negative reviews stating that the film doesn’t convey the ‘real’ story very well, but from what I know it covered the fundamentals and the basics.  Also, its meant to provide entertainment so some reviewers should lighten up and not  take it too seriously!  Also, make sure you have a spare 2-3 hours as it is a long film but still it keeps you entertained throughout.



Predestination (2014) movie review..

So, I thought I would write a review excluding any spoilers of the new DVD release: Predestination.

The Basics

The “PREDESTINATION chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent (Ethan Hawke) sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must recruit his younger self while pursuing the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.”

The Review

I think to begin with when I picked up this DVD in the supermarket and read the back, I thought it’s basically a guy who goes back in time on a number of missions. However, it is so much more complicated. It’s such a twisted and complex story that will have you thinking for hours after watching it, trying to figure out what actually happened.

Be ready for the shocking and controversial twists that occur throughout the film that don’t add up. As all of the occurrences are linked to the next however, the way it is portrayed was beyond puzzling.

Overall, however it’s a great and fascinating film that you should watch but be prepared to be baffled!