10 Scottish Stereotypes – True or False?





So, when I’m on holiday I always get these random questions asking if certain things actually happen in Scotland, so I thought I would cover some of the main stereotypes that people outwith Scotland assume actually happens…

We all wear kilts/skirts

No we do not all wear kilts/skirts.  Men only tend to wear kilts at celebrations like weddings and parties.  Women rarely wear kilts unless they are doing Scottish dancing or are in a band of some sort – men wear them then too.   Sometimes, we wear kilts as a fashion item but very rarely.

We all eat haggis (a sheep’s stomach)

We do have haggis available in restaurants and it is popular on burns night however we do not tend to eat it on a weekly basis.  It also tends to be a love/hate kind of food – me? Well I cannot stand the stuff!

We are drunk all of the time

Scottish people do drink alcohol a lot more than other cultures.  We are sociable drinkers’ however there are still a lot of us who do not drink really at all.  So you could say we get drunk quite a lot but not to the extent that we rock up to work over intoxicated and falling all over the place.  It’s more a weekend thing!

We have really unhealthy diets and eat fish supper’s all of the time

This stereotype is definitely not true.  Yes we do have the occasional chip shop supper but it’s just an additional takeaway restaurant to us like a Chinese or Indian.  A chip shop supper is amazingly good though!  We do have much poorer diets than other cultures but currently there is a huge fitness and healthy eating craze across the UK so we may eventually get healthier on the healthy food eating charts!

No one can understand us

In certain places in Scotland we have various accents and have changed our words slightly so yes in these places we do not speak clear English.  An example would be, “fit like?” translates to “how are you?” I have a slight accent and change of words when I visit my home town however when I am in the city, I speak pretty much clear and understandable English so we can adapt our language depending on who we are speaking too.

We all have ginger hair, freckles and white skin

Well this one is quite a funny one as we do have some people who have ginger hair, freckles and white skin.  Like me!  I have more of a blonde shade of hair but it’s definitely got some ginger tones and I have freckles and awful pale white skin which I hate!  Although, realistically the ratio of ginger haired people to other colours is like 1:10.   So no, we do not all have ginger hair, freckles and white skin!

We all are obsessed with the Loch Ness Monster

No we are not…it’s a myth.  But it’s nice to think there could be a loch ness monster!  I think it’s more of a stunt to get tourists to come to Scotland!  The loch ness is beautiful though whether there is a monster there or not.

You come to Scotland and you get bad weather

This stereotype is probably the truest.  We can get all four seasons in one day in the height of summer so that would be snow, sun, wind and rain all in the one day!  We also moan about the weather a lot even though realistically we should be accustomed to it by now – we still moan about it.  Even when it’s sunny, we moan that it is too hot!

We moan a lot

We do moan a lot.  The UK as a whole is a moaning culture who is happy to moan about anything and everything!  So expect the odd moan here and there if you visit!

We all play the bagpipes

No.  Not one person in my family can play the bagpipes.  The bagpipes are common at celebrations and it is just a well-used as a guitar or drums in Scotland.  Me – I love the bagpipes.  They are very Scottish but only some have the talent to play them.  You need a good set of lungs also!




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Feeling all Scottish with my Tartan Shorts! #OOTD



Outfit Details:

Orange High Neck Top – Dorothy Perkins

Sunglasses – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – F&F – Similar 

Necklace – H&M – Similar 

Boots – Dorothy Perkins – Similar

Shorts – Missguided – Similar 

Hey, Hey, Hey!  My outfit today is a bit of a random one but I think it is unique – clashing and crazy!  The details of my outfit are above.  Feel free to leave a comment and follow my blog – much appreciated!

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The difficulty of living on a Student’s Income and my advice on how to do it…

So, me being a student on such a low wage is a never ending struggle to balance my income with my spending.  Now let me explain that I am no ‘typical student’ that goes out every night drinking – I never really have been.  I’ve been living with my boyfriend for over four years now and I have never been overly interested in going out all the time.  I typically go on two nights out a month and then the rest of my money being spent on trips to the Cinema, meals out, clothes and petrol.

I have been lucky enough to have someone else split the bills throughout university but it still is a pain when you just don’t have enough to do that bit more when you want to.  I also, will not let my family help me pay for anything because if I can just get by, then I do not require them to provide me with money just to have that bit more fun every month.

I also, grudge my student loan so much, although they are the ‘best loans in the world’, in my mind it is still money you owe and that bugs me so much!  Also, the amount it ends up totalling too at the end of your four years is too stressful to even think about.

I am not saying I am not lucky to have everything that I do have.  I am able to live comfortably but to keep up with the rest of my friends who either have never went to university, are on a full-time wage or still living with their parents is a never ending battle.  I have always been really good with my money so I do actually put thought into things before I buy anything and I rarely impulse buy so its not as if I am a spend-aholic.   I have been living away from my parents long enough to understand how to budget but I just think if the government could increase the minimum wage to even £8 an hour it would make student life a lot easier and less of my student loan would be required and stress about having money to do the normal things that every normal person wants to do would decrease dramatically.

However, until that happens any advice that I would give to students living on their own part-time income or a student loan would be to budget, budget, budget.  Write everything down – what you spend every day and then you will see what you are spending unnecessarily.  I am forever writing a budget when my wages and student loan comes in every month and then every time I buy something I ask myself if I actually need it.  This then helps me to scrape up my leftovers for a reasonable night out with my friends.  Unless you get a huge part-time wage for whatever reason or get help from your parents then as you can see it will never be easy until you earn a full-time wage after university when you are all set-up for living life!  Another thing that I would advise students to do is to use the student offers you get wherever possible and always plan ahead so you are never stuck for money or have gotten yourself into money trouble.  It is a never ending battle regardless but if you try to help yourself, like I do, then it does help a bit!

 Lets also just cross our fingers and toes for the government to increase the minimum wage to help the UK live a better quality of life and make ends meet that bit more!



Pale skinned girl problems…

Everyone wishes for that flawless looking olive skin without a blemish.

Unfortunately, for us pale girls this is never going to happen.  So, I have listed all of the issues that a pale skinned girl has to deal with so you olive skinned blemish free girls can appreciate how lucky you are!

Trying to find a reasonably priced foundation that matches your skin is a life long quest – every single one that I have tried is either too orange or too pink.

If you have a slight blemish on your skin, you can see it miles away because of the crazy contrast in colours.

You burn pretty much instantly in the sun.

The amount of 50+ factor you have to apply on holiday is ridiculous.

Going to the sun beds is just a no, no (this I guess is a good consequence of having pale skin!)

The freckles, oh the freckles…when I am out in the sun for about an hour my face just turns into one large mass of freckles.  Yeah, a few are cute, but when you have about 100 freckles on your face, its definitely not cute.

Wearing white clothing tends to make you skin look even worse…if that is possible.

When you have a cold and feel like crap, people always say ‘omg you look so pale’ and your thinking, I am always this pale…you have just got an excuse to comment on it.

When you see photos of yourself on a night out, you always look like a ghost awkwardly floating among your gorgeously tanned friends.

For you to actually tan, you’d probably have to move to Dubai for the rest of your life.

On holiday, you always have that glimmer of hope thinking you might actually get a slight tan, but you don’t.

On that note, something that always happens to me on holiday is the holiday reps at the hotel coming up to me saying “oh is this your first day? – I can go through the activities on at the hotel” and I reply “no thanks, its actually my last day”, then they’re like “ohhh but you’re soo white!”

Every pale person goes through a period of applying a tonne of fake tan.  Yes, everyone looks better with a tan, but a real tan, NOT fake tan.  The smell, the dyed bedsheets, the feel of it on your skin and the patchy bits are only some of the horrors of fake tan.  You eventually learn though that it doesn’t help!



Animals should not be trained for human entertainment…


So, I have been to many zoos and parks that have had all kinds of animals.  Honestly, every time I have been to one, I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think many of the shows and performances that I have seen such as dolphin and killer whale shows have been great.  Loro Parque in particular was a great day out when I was on holiday in Tenerife with my boyfriend last year.  It had so many things to offer like great restaurants, great shows and interesting tours. The park portrayed itself as doing its best to help animals – not just keeping them for profit – even winning awards for it.

However, you never know what really goes on behind closed doors.  People see so many documentaries on television nowadays investigating the bad practice of keeping various animals captive for profit, however many of us still go to these zoos and parks without even thinking about it – me being guilty.

This issue was particularly brought to my attention when I watched a documentary called ‘Blackfish’ on Netflix which I recommend anyone to watch.  This documentary opens your eyes to the consequences of keeping killer whales captive and how trainers have been killed due to the killer whales becoming frustrated with thei10857905_10204490078406185_6711987790534569235_nr conditions.  What shocked me was that Loro Parque was part of the discussion in this documentary and how one person was killed by one of the killer whales, previously captured for profit.  Obviously, there was no mention of this from the tour guide on our tour of Loro Parque – it was more along the lines of how Loro Parque has saved these killer whales, even though they are trained to perform for us.  Also, we were told that the killer whales were well looked after, but on the documentary it explained how when they were transported to Loro Parque their tanks were not even properly ready for the killer whales and as a result they had various health problems.

So, as I have said there are many zoos and parks that do their best to help many animals such as trying to avoid the extinction of endangered species.  I am definitely no expert, however after watching this documentary and now understanding how intelligent killer whales are (unless they would not survive in their natural habitat), they should not be removed from it, especially for profit.  It goes for all living creatures – if they are comfortable and able to live like the majority of their kind, then they should not be removed from it.  I think as well really, no animal should be trained for human entertainment…ever.1979487_10204490083086302_5478716896046850896_n

Thus, I will not go and see an animal show for my entertainment again.

So, to wrap it up, by going to various zoo’s and paying for your ticket you are in many cases helping these places care for the animals correctly so I do not necessarily recommend you avoid them but any kind of entertainment that involves training them for our entertainment, you should avoid.  Realistically, if zoo’s like Loro Parque were aiming just to help the animals then no shows would be required and they would just be cared for in a place as close to their natural habitat as possible, not in a 10858047_10204490086166379_6113084609821709428_nclear tank for our entertainment.  Yes shows generate money to care for them, but when you think about how a killer whale’s nature definitely does not include the performance of ‘tricks’ then its clearly not right.

I know I have more or less based my discussion on one documentary and as I said I am no expert, but really it is just common sense to not go to things which promote cruelty and inhumane actions whether they are obvious to us or not.  I’m sure this is not everyone’s opinion and various experts at these parks would be able to argue how they are doing good for these animals but I do not think my opinion will change – animals should not be trained for human entertainment.


The Ups and Downs of having a big group of girlfriends…



  • There is a new event on every weekend – birthdays galore.
  • There will always be someone else up for a night out.
  • A night out will never be boring.
  • If the whole group turns up, its automatically classed as a party.
  • Everyone together is extremely entertaining with so many different personalities in one place – you will have the classy ones, the all settled down ones, the workaholics, the party animals, the tomboys, the travellers…the list is endless.
  • If your from a small town then you will always know the gossip as someone in your group will know about it .
  • There will always be more alcohol mixers if you are running low.
  • There will always be more alcohol if you are running low.
  • If you have a problem, at least one person in the group will have had the same issue at some point and they will be able to provide advice.
  • Your group takes up half the dance floor when you all get up to dance and you feel invincible.


  • There will almost certainly be divides in the group – everyone in life has favourites.  This is an absolute nightmare if you are the one in the middle!
  • Personalities will clash and on a night out this can be lethal.  
  • Some individual’s in the group will have events on at the same time and this can lead to major disagreements.  In the end you will have to choose one, because if you decide to not go to both they will never forgive you.
  • Your life is generally so much more expensive – because you have so many events to attend to – you have to spend a fortune on gifts and outfits.  Wine is usually the cheapest and risk free gift!
  • People tend to be more comfortable getting drunk with their peers so can you imagine what it’s like with 15+ friends all absolutely legless.
  • From that last note someone will always have to be the sober one and look after all the rest….this tends to be you.