A perfect day for a pinafore dress 👗





ASOS Pinafore Dress ~  Newlook Gladitors

So, today’s look is fairly simple!  I am having a lazy Saturday so something that was easy to put together was what I had in mind!  I am still loving this Pinny dress though –  its beyond cute and very flattering.  I teamed it with black gladiator sandals – they are so comfy!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great weekend – I am going to continue my lazy Saturday through to Sunday.






Addicted to Denim ♡





H&M Blue Shirt ~ ASOS Rust Denim Skirt

I just sat an ate the most ridiculous Pizza Hut feast in the world.   You know, I love it when you see one of pizza hut’s deals – if you spend £30 you get £10 off…so I realised that my total was £22 and I had to do the right thing and get another £8 worth of sides so I only had to pay £20.  So now, I cannot leave the sofa as my legs cannot deal with the additional stone I have put on eating all of it!

Anyway, this outfit is pretty simple but I think its cute!  I feel like a cowgirl, without the all important cowgirl hat.  I love pastel colours so this shirt is ideal.  All of you British people will know how non-existent our Summer has been this year so you can see my reluctance to accept that Autumn is here with my bare legs at like 7 Degrees Celsius!  If you do not own a rust denim skirt, then I recommend you go and get one as I’m thinking they will still be in the shops throughout Autumn and Winter this year – every shop has one!  May I also mention how ridiculous my posing is – I cringe every time I do a blog post!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday 🙂







My New Baby 👀


Denim Zip Through Dress With Collar

It should be ruled that everyone should own a denim dress like this!

It’s to die for! ASOS has certainly done well with this one.  I think I am in love….

It fits like a glove, but shapes you in all the right places.

By the way, the photo is flipped with it being in a mirror so don’t be fooled into thinking I am engaged – I’m not!

I am off to the cinema to see the lovely Cara Delevingne in Paper Towns.  So I better go and get ready…

Enjoy your weekend people! 🙂




My Typical Night Out Make up Look ✌



I have been trying to grow my hair for years so excuse the split ends – this is the result of my reluctance to get my hair cut!

My typical night out make up look is quite similar to my day.  If I have a special occasion I will adapt my look either by adding in eye shadow or going more minimalistic for like a wedding or something!  You will also see I don’t tend to spend very much on make up.  Being a student doesn’t allow the luxury of expensive make up!

So I always wear Urban Decay Naked Foundation Shade 0.5 to match my very very pale skin. I have listed all my other make up products that I use below.

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer

Maybelline Brow Pencil – Soft Brown

Maybelline Expression Kajal Eye Liner Brown

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 🎡








So last night, I went a stroll along Aberdeen beach in ‘sort of sunny’ Scotland.  It was actually bearable weather for bare legs and a short sleeved top for a change.  This rarely happens, even in the Summer.  Also, additional clothing is always necessary to bring in your handbag wherever you go in Scotland – you never know when its next going to rain!  I’ve seen nicer beaches in my life time but I do appreciate being able to come down to the beach whenever you fancy unlike those who are more in land.  We also have a small amusement park down at Aberdeen beach (mainly for children) which has things like bowling, mini golf and plenty of restaurants!  I sound like I am trying to promote Aberdeen here … I better stop … 


 My outfit tonight included a denim skirt (asos) a white sheer panel top (asos) and black studded sandals (old from debenhams) similar here.  My handbag shown in previous pictures is from Dorothy Perkins and my sunglasses are from asos. 

Have a good weekend folks!


10 Scottish Stereotypes – True or False?





So, when I’m on holiday I always get these random questions asking if certain things actually happen in Scotland, so I thought I would cover some of the main stereotypes that people outwith Scotland assume actually happens…

We all wear kilts/skirts

No we do not all wear kilts/skirts.  Men only tend to wear kilts at celebrations like weddings and parties.  Women rarely wear kilts unless they are doing Scottish dancing or are in a band of some sort – men wear them then too.   Sometimes, we wear kilts as a fashion item but very rarely.

We all eat haggis (a sheep’s stomach)

We do have haggis available in restaurants and it is popular on burns night however we do not tend to eat it on a weekly basis.  It also tends to be a love/hate kind of food – me? Well I cannot stand the stuff!

We are drunk all of the time

Scottish people do drink alcohol a lot more than other cultures.  We are sociable drinkers’ however there are still a lot of us who do not drink really at all.  So you could say we get drunk quite a lot but not to the extent that we rock up to work over intoxicated and falling all over the place.  It’s more a weekend thing!

We have really unhealthy diets and eat fish supper’s all of the time

This stereotype is definitely not true.  Yes we do have the occasional chip shop supper but it’s just an additional takeaway restaurant to us like a Chinese or Indian.  A chip shop supper is amazingly good though!  We do have much poorer diets than other cultures but currently there is a huge fitness and healthy eating craze across the UK so we may eventually get healthier on the healthy food eating charts!

No one can understand us

In certain places in Scotland we have various accents and have changed our words slightly so yes in these places we do not speak clear English.  An example would be, “fit like?” translates to “how are you?” I have a slight accent and change of words when I visit my home town however when I am in the city, I speak pretty much clear and understandable English so we can adapt our language depending on who we are speaking too.

We all have ginger hair, freckles and white skin

Well this one is quite a funny one as we do have some people who have ginger hair, freckles and white skin.  Like me!  I have more of a blonde shade of hair but it’s definitely got some ginger tones and I have freckles and awful pale white skin which I hate!  Although, realistically the ratio of ginger haired people to other colours is like 1:10.   So no, we do not all have ginger hair, freckles and white skin!

We all are obsessed with the Loch Ness Monster

No we are not…it’s a myth.  But it’s nice to think there could be a loch ness monster!  I think it’s more of a stunt to get tourists to come to Scotland!  The loch ness is beautiful though whether there is a monster there or not.

You come to Scotland and you get bad weather

This stereotype is probably the truest.  We can get all four seasons in one day in the height of summer so that would be snow, sun, wind and rain all in the one day!  We also moan about the weather a lot even though realistically we should be accustomed to it by now – we still moan about it.  Even when it’s sunny, we moan that it is too hot!

We moan a lot

We do moan a lot.  The UK as a whole is a moaning culture who is happy to moan about anything and everything!  So expect the odd moan here and there if you visit!

We all play the bagpipes

No.  Not one person in my family can play the bagpipes.  The bagpipes are common at celebrations and it is just a well-used as a guitar or drums in Scotland.  Me – I love the bagpipes.  They are very Scottish but only some have the talent to play them.  You need a good set of lungs also!




Stole the photo from google!