The Ups and Downs of having a big group of girlfriends…



  • There is a new event on every weekend – birthdays galore.
  • There will always be someone else up for a night out.
  • A night out will never be boring.
  • If the whole group turns up, its automatically classed as a party.
  • Everyone together is extremely entertaining with so many different personalities in one place – you will have the classy ones, the all settled down ones, the workaholics, the party animals, the tomboys, the travellers…the list is endless.
  • If your from a small town then you will always know the gossip as someone in your group will know about it .
  • There will always be more alcohol mixers if you are running low.
  • There will always be more alcohol if you are running low.
  • If you have a problem, at least one person in the group will have had the same issue at some point and they will be able to provide advice.
  • Your group takes up half the dance floor when you all get up to dance and you feel invincible.


  • There will almost certainly be divides in the group – everyone in life has favourites.  This is an absolute nightmare if you are the one in the middle!
  • Personalities will clash and on a night out this can be lethal.  
  • Some individual’s in the group will have events on at the same time and this can lead to major disagreements.  In the end you will have to choose one, because if you decide to not go to both they will never forgive you.
  • Your life is generally so much more expensive – because you have so many events to attend to – you have to spend a fortune on gifts and outfits.  Wine is usually the cheapest and risk free gift!
  • People tend to be more comfortable getting drunk with their peers so can you imagine what it’s like with 15+ friends all absolutely legless.
  • From that last note someone will always have to be the sober one and look after all the rest….this tends to be you.

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