A day of stripes :)



DSC00226 (2)

Dorothy Perkins Shorts DSC00231

Stripe Top (old – similar) ~ Dorothy Perkins Shorts ~ New Look Sandals ~ Fiorelli Bag ~  ASOS Sunglases

I was feeling stripes today so I found an old a stripe top with some textured shorts and chunky sandals.

I was embracing the rare summers day that we had today!  Who knew our summer would actually start in September? Who am I kidding?  It will be a one off and then the rest of the year will be freezing just like our earlier “summer” days.  I think I need another holiday to get some sun.  Although I start fourth year next week which is terrifying so I will probably not get another holiday for a while!!  I can’t believe I will be actually finishing university in like 10 months!  Crazy how quickly the past few years have gone!

Anyway, I hope your Sunday has been warm and lazy 🙂

The details of my outfit are above!

Chow for now…



Eylure Dybrow Review




The Day After


Boots Eylure Dybow

Hello people!  So last night I was dying my eyebrows.  It saves me using an eyebrow pencil every day so I thought I that I could share it with all of you lovely people!  A few of my peers find it so strange that I dye my own eyebrows but it saves a £15 visit to the beauticians every few weeks.  You can see my eyebrows desperately need shaped just now – that is something I leave to the beautician!

Anyway, I use eylure for dying my eyebrows.  I have shown you before and after pictures – again excuse the fact that I need them shaped!  I waited until the next day to take the ‘after’ photo as I have been told that even though you wipe the dye off it can still turn a couple of shades darker by the next day.  I only leave my dye on for a few minutes because I have blonde hair and it would look ridiculous with super dark eyebrows.  I use the brown dye, but you can use the black if you have darker hair.

The application itself is pretty straight forward but once you have the dye I would recommend that you read the instructions a few times before applying it as I know some people can have bad reactions to dye and it can be bad if this happens in such a close proximity to your eye.   The instructions recommend a patch test etc.  so please please follow them.  You get a small kit in the box to use the product properly.  The dye really does work.  I apply it once a month to get the shade I like.   You can see the difference from my pictures!  I would highly recommend this product as it saves money and time! You can buy it in boots but you can also get it on amazon and other places alike!

Thanks for reading!!





ASOS Love 1            ASOS Love 2            ASOS Love 3

ASOS Love 4        ASOS Love 5          ASOS Love 6

ASOS Love 7            ASOS Love 9              ASOS Love 10

I thought I would create a wee picture list of the dresses that I currently have in my ASOS wishlist at the moment.

Click on the photos for the links to the site for more details 🙂

I am absolutely in love with all of these dresses.  I have a hen-do and a wedding coming up as well so I am going to have to make a decision on which dresses to choose….which one is your favourite?



Simple but Nice :)





Alice and You Cami ~Black Trousers > Similar ~ Wedges ~ Sunglasses

So, this was my outfit the other day before I went out for a meal with the other half.  I love a cami with skinny trousers and the wedges gives some formality to the look.  It’s a simple outfit but I think it still looks fashionable and sophisticated.  Excuse my enormously chubby feet – I struggle to find any shoes or heels that fit haha but these wedges just about let me chubsters squeeze in.  Anyhow, I hope Friday arrives quickly for everyone..this week is dragging on and on!  Roll on the weekend…

See ya later 🙂



Fashion in the woods…





Dorothy Perkins Cold Shoulder Tunic ~  ASOS Ankle Boots

Today, me and my other half went a walk while the sunshine was out with the dog.  We have been dog sitting the whole weekend.  So, the best thing to do with a crazy excited dog is to take it an enormous walk so that its tired and basically collapses when it gets in the door – no more annoying dog!  While we were out, I couldn’t resist to get a few photos in my new cold shoulder tunic  It is the more comfortable outfit ever and it still looks fashionable, well I think it does anyway!  I have added the details of the outfit above.  I had my leather jacket with me as you can see but it was way to hot but if you fancy rockin’ your look up then wear a leather jacket on top ~~ Wallaaaa fashion!

Have a good week :)!



The Good Lie (2014)

So, The Good Lie, right where do I start?

It’s not really what you expect as in the trailer it sells it as another Reese WItherspoon movie and yeah she definitely plays a big part in the movie but its definitely not all about her.  The movie starts with a story of three brothers and a sister (non blood related) refugees who win the refugee lottery to move to the U.S after a civil war breaks out in Sudan. The sister and brothers get split up, the three brothers getting send to one place, meeting Reese Witherspoon and the sister to live in another.  So really, the rest of the story follows the struggles of the three brothers being apart from their sister starting out a life in the U.S.

This movie is brilliant and the acting is so good.  It’s such a good watch!  Its so touching and inspiring!  It’s everything!

You kind of learn the necessity of having family, friends or a unit who support each other, rather than focusing on the material things in life.  An example, which is not really a spoiler is that the three brothers arrive in the U.S with a carrier bag of belongings and nothing else but themselves.  They eventually settle in to the modern world but they never lose hope that they will be together again with their sister.  The plot unfolds with more emotional battles to overcome.  But its not all sad!  Its actually a feel good movie, which was great for my lazy weekend sitting here feeling all good about myself understanding how lucky we are in life to have what we have.  I really want to tell you so much more about the movie, but I know I will spoil it for you!

I definitely recommend you to watch this movie and I hope my review has intrigued you into watching it!

Have a great week you lovely people!



Lipstick on a Sunday? 💋




Rimmel London – Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick Shade 30

I hardly ever wear lipstick but today I was messing about with the make up I hardly ever wear and I came across this beauty!

It looks more purple as a lipstick but once on its more of a rouge colour.  I think its great and it long lasting  so no need to worry about re-applying it every few hours.  There is plenty of other colours from the lasting finish lipstick collection by Rimmel so if this shade isn’t your colour then I’m sure you will find another that’s more to your taste. 🙂

Have a perfect Sunday :)!